We Help You

Grow Your Sales.

We help companies Clarify Their Message, Create a Marketing Plan, and then Execute that plan so they can grow their sales. 


1. Clarify Your Message

Your customers are met with over 3000 commercial messages every day. So you've got to be clear on what you're offering or they will tune you out. 



3. Execute the Plan

Most clients use the Marketing Strategy Session to get to their plan. To Execute your plan you can utilize your own in-house team to tackle the list ... or ... B3 Advisors can help you execute. We create winning funnels using some of the best most efficient tools in the industry. 


Clarity in Message & Display

Most companies struggle telling others what they do. You've only got a few seconds to convince people they need to keep listening. Your message and website have to be clear, or you lose.

Automated Email Campaigns

Once you've got their email address, you can't fumble the ball. So you need great copy that will turn their browsing into buying. We've got the know how to write the copy and to execute the automation. We'll guide you. 

Lead Generator & Email Collector

Once you've got traffic to your site or landing page ... you need to get their email address. A good email address is valuable these days. Email isn't going away so you need to be good at getting them and providing value once you do. 

Gather Testimonies of Transformation

Turning a browser into a buyer is only part of the work. Keeping customers happy and turning them into evangelists for your brand is critical today. We'll guide you in how to do this, so you'll have great testimonies for your business. 


Past Client Results

Our clients are seeing results. We understand what it's like to pay for a website that is nice looking, but doesn't convert. We understand what it's like to struggle to get traffic to your sites and landing pages. We can help you get your business confidence back.



Open Rate on Email Sequences

After a potential customer has given us their email address ... we're seeing a 50% open rate across a 3 Mail Sequence. 



Click Thru Rate on Email Sequences

On our Email Sequences we've seen 11% of our recipients click through to our links. 



Three hundred thousand $$$

One of our clients grossed over $300K in a campaign in 2017. We built the landing page, wrote the copy for the page & call to actions, as well as a 4 Email Sequence designed to turn browsers into customers. 


2017 REal Results

B3 Advisors built our website, landing page, and corresponding email sequences ... resulting in over $300K in revenue in 2017. We didn't have that $300K before doing business with B3.

Marc Stillwagoner, owner Big Shop Diesel Services 



Marketing Strategy Session

The best way to get results is to schedule a Marketing Strategy Session. This is a 2 Day Intensive where we dive into your business, looking for your top revenue generators and analyzing your current marketing and message. We'll come out with 5 efforts that will get you results. The top three are below.


Your One LIner

There is a 4 part formula for creating a single statement that will grow your business. You'll use this just about everywhere. Your customers are wondering how you can help them

A Lead Generating PDF

We'll come away with a great idea for a lead generator. This might be an e-Book, PDF Guide or Case Study, live event, or a webinar. This is likely the most important piece of collateral you'll create. 

Automated Email Campaign

Words sell, and once you have a potential customer's email address you need to take it seriously. That means a 3 to 5 email sequence that will convert browsers into customers.