Clarifying Your Message

Telling your story is key and should be the first thing you nail down. You're not only telling your story, so your customers will actually engage, but you're going need to learn how to tell their stories. The customer is the hero ... not you. Most companies really struggle to talk about what they actually do. If you stammer and stumble every time anyone asks you, "what do you do?" then we should talk. 

Website Design & Consulting

There are a few things that every website should have. Here they are ... do you have them? If not ... we can help by wire framing your website for you, and we can even build you a new website or go in and make the suggested changes to your current website. 

  1. Your website should pass the grunt test. Within 5 seconds a visitor should be able to tell exactly what you do and offer.
  2. A Clear Call to Action (Call to Action). Whatever it is that you want your website visitor to do ... let them know very clearly. Preferably in the top right hand corner with a nice red button that says "Buy Now" or "Schedule a Call" or "Enter Your Email".
  3. Your website could use A LOT less text. Literally ... 90% less in some cases. The simple fact is ... most people aren't reading your website. They're just scanning. In fact, the chances of someone reading this sentence on my website is very low.

That's a good start. If you need help with this ... we can help.  


Words count. Words sell. Words can make you or  break you. We love the challenge of creating great copy. If you need help creating lead generating content, whether that is a PDF that you want to give away, a great blog post, sales emails & sales letters, we can help.

Sales Execution

Getting good leads in the sales funnel is one thing ... actually calling on those customers is another. We can help you define your Sales Process and then implement a great CRM to help you track all of the various interactions you and your sales team is having with a prospect or a customer. Honestly ... this isn't that hard to do ... we can make it simple and it doesn't cost that much. We can help you implement a CRM that's actually free. And we're certified! See below. 


Marketing Automation is really fun. It can be as simple as an Email Sequence built in a free tool like Mailchimp, all the way to a full blown inbound strategy executed with cloud software like Hubspot and Marketo. We can help you build some simple automation on a very low budget, and we can also help you decide, buy, and implement something like Hubspot. 

Marketing Automation

Not everyone has the time and money to wait solely on an inbound strategy. So, if you're a small to medium sized company, the smartest money you can spend is on targeted digital advertising (aka Facebook Ads, Google Ad words). Facebook and Google have all the information you need about your customers. You just need to serve the ads to the right people in the right places. We can help you do that. Seriously ... if you're spending money on advertising, the majority of it better be on Facebook ads and Google Ad words. You can target down to the zip code, salary, pages they've liked on Facebook, political party, what kind of car they drive. 

Targeted Digital Ads